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    Make use of a pleasant task as a pay back for an upsetting task. Rank well your jobs and activities for the day to be able of desirability; do the just about all undesirable after that reward on your own with a desirable activity. We now have done the following with kids when we explained to them they were able to go take up after they wiped clean their bedroom.

    “The reward of one work is the capacity to fulfill an additional. ” ~George Eliot, Uk novelist (1819 – 1880)

    Although I know that this was applied to me since a child I like this principle, the following is an example of the principle for action.

    Today’s to-d0-list includes the following:

    – Mow the lawn

    – “Summer-ize” the back porch

    – Clean back porch flower the sack

    – Pressure home and furnishings

    supports Clean out fire place

    – Produce Taking Action Articles

    – Paint a little something

    – Total paperwork for the presentation in the end of month

    supports Schedule and perhaps have a restorative massage

    Now graded in order by most desirable to slightly

    – Produce Taking Actions articles

    supports Schedule and maybe have a massage

    – “Summer-ize” the back patio

    – Coloration something

    — Complete agreements for a presentation at end of month

    – Get rid of the fireplace

    – Vacuum house and fixtures

    – Cut the yard

    – Cleanup back deck flowerbed

    The Premack Rule, as I appreciate it, affirms I should do the least desirable item initially then prize myself by doing a more advisable item. Immediately premack principle have always been obviously composing articles, I have in no way already cleaning the flowerbed off the back deck. But if I just were to stick to the principle I might accomplish issues in this buy today

    — Clean up the flowerbed away porch

    supports Write Spending Action articles or blog posts

    – Mow the turf

    – Timetable and possibly have a massage

    – Vacuum home and fixtures

    – “Summer-ize” the back veranda

    – Eliminate the fireplace

    supports Paint something

    – Entire paperwork for the presentation found at end of month

    While i look at this list I think it is far from the most efficient use of my best time just how about I group activities and work to my strengths and natural energy source rhythms

    — Mow the lawn and clean up again porch flowerbed (as very long as I am currently outside finding dirty discussing do these kind of together)

    — “Summer-ize” the spine porch by means of repainting the ground and resetting it designed for summer activities (this will pay for off after in the day)

    – Cleanse fireplace and Vacuum home and furniture (need to wait until my personal daughter wakes up to do this)

    – Write Taking Actions Articles (needs to be day activity, I actually is a good morning writer)

    – Complete paperwork for any presentation for end from month (could do this at nighttime on the “summer-ized” back porch)

    – Agenda and possibly have a very good massage (this is a reward not really a to do)

    My best now more cost-effective and perform to these strengths and natural energy levels rhythms list looks like this

    – Write Taking Action Articles

    supports Mow the lawn and clean up lower back porch flowerbed

    – “Summer-ize” the back outdoor patio by painting the floor and resetting that for summer time activities

    — Clean out fire and Upright vacuum cleaner home and furnishings

    – Schedule and maybe have a rub down

    – Entire paperwork for any presentation at end in month

    Seeing that I improved the Premack Principle is it now the Rosenberg Rule? Give that a try, you will probably find your day much more productive. Tell me how it works for you. We are now off to mow the lawn.