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    “Is Nili Bachar teaching us the art of football?” נילי בכר The question is being asked by everyone. What’s the underlying philosophy of Coach Nili Bachar’s style of coaching? What’s his relationship with the team members? נילי בכר How does He come to decisions? נילי בכר The answers to these and other questions are discussed in this interview. Find out more about the philosophies behind Nili Bachar’s style of coaching.

    His ability to make connections with his players

    Following the dismissal of Gili Landau Nili Bachar took over at Kiryat Shmona. He led his team into winning the State Cup final. נילי בכר Though the team placed fourth, they did win the tournament the next year. Beersheba finished their season in third place, and Bachar is an integral part of their success. נילי בכר The team has been winning seven consecutive league matches, despite the struggles he has faced.

    Bachar’s recent matches have demonstrated the ability to do this, despite the fact that it is often said that coaches need to effectively communicate with their players. Bachar is close to a number of his team members, so he has used this friendship to ensure that the team stays in line and focused on the goals they have set for themselves. The second game against Sheriff Tiraspol, Bachar was successful in convincing that veteran midfielder to stay to play and do well.

    His decision-making process

    Beersheba supporters are clearly unsatisfied by Kiryat Shmona’s manager. Following the sacking by Gili Landau Bachar became the head coachand took the team into the state cup final. נילי בכר Kiryat Shmona finished fifth in the league and took home the State Cup. נילי בכר The team’s success in recent years has nothing to do with the coach. On her Facebook page, Taha expressed her admiration for Bachar and his process of making decisions.

    At the end of last campaign, Maor Buzaglo was unhappy with the way he was playing. The only time he was convinced to continue by Bachar in the pre-season and was left out of the second leg of Champions League qualifiers. Bachar acknowledged that he did not succeed. Despite his shortcomings, Bachar has managed to remain focused on their goals. In the meantime, the manager has made history as the brightest coach in Israel.